Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 4--Big Boy Bed

We moved the Little Guy to the big boy bed this week. It wasn't exactly an emotional experience but I do feel kind of sad about it.  And not just because naptime has been shorter.  Ok, maybe that is why I am sad.  But I'm also sad that the Little Guy isn't so little anymore.  He's a "toddler" now and I know that is still very young but all of the sudden instead of teaching him stuff like crawling and clapping his hands we're talking about being polite and not hitting the dog with pillows.

The first two days of the big boy bed were great.  Today I asked him to go get in his bed for a nap.  He didn't complain at all.  Excitedly I followed him upstairs.  We loaded up his bed with a couple of books, a mini pumpkin (it's October people, doesn't eveyone sleep with one?) and a truck.  I should have known better.

I had to go in three times today to ask him to go to bed.  And eventually I had to take the truck.  Yuck!  Sometimes I'm ready to skip to the grandparents stage.  You know, the "we get to have these cute kids around all the time but we aren't technically in charge of them" stage.  Somedays that sounds nice.  Sleeping in sounds nice as does sugar at the juncture but neither of those are an option either.

The older my kids get the more I have to teach them.  And I can't teach them if I'm not learning myself.  It's important for me to keep educating myself on issues that pertain to them.  To be informed.  But most importantly to invest in my relationship with God.  There is nothing more important I can teach them.  Although I guess it would be kind of awkward if we just skipped potty training.  That one is pretty important too.

I can't teach them to love Jesus and to follow him unless I'm doing the same thing.  So....I'm off to work on that!  Making time to be in the Word must be a priority for me!


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