Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 23--Home is....

About 18 months ago I posted about leaving my wonderful home in Charleston, SC.  I was dreading the move and avoided thinking about it as much as possible.  As I was driving home tonight I looked around and thought....someday, I'm going to miss this place.

It kind of shocked me.

I mean, I've said over and over again that I really like it here but the truth is, I really really do!

The Lord has blessed us with wonderful friends, a wonderful church, a fabulous house and an amazing neighborhood to call home.  I'm spoiled for the rest of my life since I can walk almost anywhere I want to go.  I have calla lillies blooming in my backyard.  And blackberries too!  I can see Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound from my bedroom window.  I get to wear rainboots.  And scarves.

I still miss Charleston.  I miss my dear friends.  I miss our church.  I miss the farmer's market and the beach.  I really miss the food.  I miss all the things that I thought I would miss.

But I love it here too.

As I looked back at this old post I had to smile at the picture I picked of Tacoma.  I had no idea what Washington or Tacoma would look like.  I didn't know where we would live.  I certainly had no idea it was built on a hill!  And somehow I managed to pick a picture of a scene I see almost everyday.  Somehow I picked a picture of home. I can even pick out the hospital where we had Reed.

Ultimately home is wherever my three boys are.  But it's nice to enjoy the other stuff too.

I am so blessed to live in this beautiful place I call home!

View from the Farmer's Market

View on our daily walk

(even this little picture here was taken on a walk through our neighborhood)


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