Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 13--The New Normal

Do you ever feel like an outsider looking in at your life?  Kind of like a movie montage?

For some reason tonight was one of those nights for me.  We had a normal day for us.  Even boring perhaps.  Peter got up with the Little Guy for me so I could sleep in a little bit.  I got up and made Banana Sweet Potato pancakes.  Yum!!  We fed the kids lunch.  Peter ran.  We took showers and went to the commissary once the boys woke up from their naps.

The Little Guy was a little grumpy earlier today but all in all he was well behaved and fun.  He was super at the commissary and I could hear him chattering away a couple of aisles over as we shopped.

On the way there we saw a beautiful rainbow.  It's really the first rainy day here in Tacoma and I thought I was going to be kind of depressed.  Instead I found myself enjoying wearing a warm sweater and the clouds as they rolled by on our drive home.

We unloaded the groceries and the dryer was going from a load earlier in the day.  I started making kabobs and the Little Guy was running through the house singing Row Row Row Your Boat and asking for hot dogs.  The kitchen was warm and cozy and comforting.

Our life has been turned upside down a number of times in the past few years.  We haven't had anything predictable happen in an already unpredictable lifestyle.  I keep joking with Peter that we clearly haven't learned our lesson because God keeps giving us twists and turns.  Ultimately though in that uncertainty the only certain thing has been Him.  We know we can count on God now matter how frustrating or scary things are.

As I sat there chopping onions and skewering tomatoes I just had to stop and smile.  This is our version of normal.  Yes there are unknowns.  Yes life is still uncertain.  But for us, that is normal.  And I'm thankful for it.

This kid was super happy to eat a pumpkin cookie after dinner

And this kid?  He is sitting up on his own!!!  And doing some kind of crazy crawling-yoga-inchworm thing that gets him where he wants to go.  It is hilarious!


Amber said...

It is so hard to embrace our own "normal" some times. I am learning daily that every stage will have its joys and its struggles, so embrace them. It is easy for me to grumble and wish a phase would be over, but I keep telling myself the next phase will also have challenges.

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