Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 20--The D World

I had a big post planned about the end of my Whole30 today.  Instead I took my own advice from the past few weeks and spent time with my sweet family.  However doing this challenge the past month has made me realize one thing.

I'm more disciplined than I think I am.

And that leaves me with no excuses.  I'll be the first to admit I struggle with just being quiet.  I like to have music on or be on the phone.  I like to play with the boys.  I enjoy blogging and checking facebook to see what my friends are up to.

My priorities are often in the wrong order.

How many days to I wake up and check my email and then get sidetracked and forgot to read my Bible?  I don't want to answer that question.  And in the past I've kind of given the excuse of "I'm just not very disciplined" to make myself feel better.

If this girl can give up all the "good stuff" for a month then I can for sure make sure I am spending time in the word everyday.

So....starting tomorrow...because it IS already tomorrow for some of you and it's almost tomorrow here I'm starting another 30 day challenge.  We'll call this one the Heart30 and I challenge you to do it with me.

Spend time with Jesus everyday.

And please feel free to ask me how it is going!!


Don said...

Maybe you'll become like your mom. She is the most disciplined person I know about being in the Word. Nothing can get her side-tracked. It comes first in her day before anything else.

Kelly B said...

So true! Make getting in the Word first, I also get distracted super easily!.. I start one little thing and get sucked into so much more and forget the whole point. OOPS!
Thanks for the encouragement!

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