Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 17--This Guy

I talk a lot about the fabulousness of my children.  And it is true.  They are pretty awesome. 

The second best thing to actually being a Mama?  Watching your husband transform overnight from a husband to a father.


There is little that I enjoy more than watching my sweet husband interact with his little buddies.  Their faces light up when he walks into the room.  The Little Guy runs to the door when he gets home.  He wants to be with his Daddy whenever he can.

I love hearing the Little Guy giggle when Daddy sings to him during his bath.  I love watching the Littlest get the biggest smile with two deep dimples as soon as he sees him.  

I love it that I get to be a Mama with this guy.

I don't tell him often enough.  I don't leave enough random cards around the house for him to find.  I certainly wear sweatpants a little too often.  

But babe....I'm so glad we get to be the Mama & Daddy together!


Julie said...

I hope that when our time comes that my hubby does the same transformation. He's great with our 6 nieces but that's because he can leave them for the day or night - with our own, you just can't do that. So it that day comes, I'm hoping!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I am with you on that. I love my husband more everyday because of the way he is as a father.

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