Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 16--Impact

Lately I've been feeling a little eh.  I don't really know what to call it other than that.  I'm not depressed.  I'm not unhappy.  Maybe it's more in the worthless (although that is super extreme) category.  Being a Mama can be draining.  You work and work and work on a new skill and then when you finally think you and your babies have figured out a sleep schedule or a we don't bang our cup on the table at dinner thing it all changes.  All of the sudden we aren't getting up once at night but twice.  We don't bang our cup on the table at dinner but we refuse to eat anything that we used to like.  And we want a couple of these and a couple of those all day long.  True story.

The words of the week in our house right now are "how about".  From the minute the Little Guy gets up in the morning til we tuck him in at night its all we hear.

How about yogurt?
How about cheese?
How about nuts? (this is my favorite)
How about big bed?
How about purple? (on the way home from Bible study today...not sure what this means)
How about peanut bubber?
How about jellyfish?
How about Diego?
How about Little Phone? (his name for my phone)
How about this?
How about that?

Seriously people.  All day long.  It takes like 87 minutes to make lunch because he is too busy giving me 800 suggestions of things we aren't going to have for lunch.  How about fruit snacks, cake, cookies, and on and on and on!

I was standing at the fridge listening to all of his helpful suggestions the other day and my magnet from MOPS caught my eye.  It said something like this...

Being a mother isn't something with a little impact.

How about that?

It really hit home with me.  Here I am worried about how I'm going to change the world.  Whether anyone reads my blog.  Whether my house is clean enough.  When my clothes are going to fit again.  Whether I'll fit in at our women's event at church.  If anyone other than the class leader will ever talk to me at the Y.

And I just stood there and realized that these two boys are my impact.  There is no doubt in my mind that God created me to be a Mama.  And I get to be their Mama!  I'm oh-so-glad he didn't give them to anyone else.  

So even when it feels like I'm not doing much I have to remember that I am! As long as I'm being a good Mama to these boys I'm having an impact.  I'm showing them new things.  I'm laughing and loving on them.   I'm teaching them right from wrong.  I'm pointing them to Jesus. 

I'm impacting their lives.

And they are changing mine.

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Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

Again, LOVE this! =) It's always nice to hear other mommies vent, then end their posts with a refreshing perspective. Being a mom is definitely high impact and SUCH a huuuge blessing. I'm gonna need to get one of those magnets!

Michelle Montero said...

Well said! I never thought of it like that. I know that we we do has an affect on our children, but I never thought of the IMPACT we have on our children.

AFG said...

So true! I have blah days/weeks too, and then BAM I will look over at Lillian and be like HOLY COW WE MADE THIS LITTLE PERSON and God gave her to US to raise.

Shell said...

Such a great realization!

Alyssa Rivers said...

Well said!! Loved reading this post! I think as mom's we can all relate! New follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to visit me and join as well!

whitneycroy said...

I found you through Mommy Brain Mixer and I totally know how you feel! My child is 18 months old now can't seem to decide what she wants to eat throughout the day! lol

it can be so frustrating, but her personality and lovey dovey spirit makes it all worth it!

I'm your newest follower!

Whitney @

whitneycroy said...
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Raising Reagan said...

Hi there ~ I can relate. My two year old is going through the same stage and it gets so frustrating!! makes it all worth it when they say they love you or give you a kiss and hug!
It is worth it!

Found you via the Mommy Brain Mixer. Come say Hi at Raising Reagan


PS ~ Not on blogger so I probably show up as a no reply. Sorry :(

Julia P F said...

Very important to remember. Especially during the"whys" which is basically every conversation all day every day T our house. Visitng from the mommy mixer

Mica Kucera said...

I loved meeting you at the womens event :)

Tara said...

Wonderful post! It is always wonderful to get a little change of perspective!!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

This is such an encouraging post to all mothers out there! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy Moments!

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