Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Bits of Fun

I usually do a miscellaneous post on Monday but I'm a day behind this week.  Somehow that seems to be a theme in my life.  I have to work extra hard now to even remotely be close to on time with two little ones!

On to the randomness....

I AM GETTING A NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!!!  That was me screeching in a really unattractive way....hands flailing....big toothy grin!  I am SO excited!!  I've been working with Kassie over at Designs by Kassie.  She has been so super patient with my OCDness and indecisiveness.  I can not wait to reveal it!!  This was going to be a gift I gave myself for reaching my pre-pregnancy weight.

And drum roll please....

I am almost there.  I'm not supposed to weigh myself on this Whole30 challenge.  But I swear I'm more addicted to the scale than to chocolate.  And that's saying a lot.  I just got really nervous that I was doing the diet wrong or eating to many nuts and coconut milk. Yum, by the way!  Well I'm down 4 pounds since I started and either 1 pound or 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  The problem is I can't exactly remember what it was when I started.  So anyway we'll just compromise and say 2.  I think that is close enough to do my blog reveal.  I plan on sticking with the Paleo version of Whole 30 even after this month is over.  Tomorrow I'll be 1/2way finished!


I know everyone thinks their own kids are adorable.  But seriously y'all how can you resist when your toddler asks you ever so enthusiastically for a "peanut bubber and jellyfish" sandwich??


My Littlest Guy seems determined to outdo big brother in milestones.  I was happy that the Little Guy was a late crawler.  This one is ready to take off.  I have got to get on the ball with babyproofing the house a bit.


In addition to babyproofing it looks like someone is finally getting a big boy bed.  We've been crawling out of bed after naps and in the morning (WAY too early) so I guess it is time.  I would love suggestions on how to make this transition as smooth as possible.  I really don't want to start my day at 4am each day which is what I am so desperately afraid is going to happen!


The Little Guy received a wagon from Peter's side of the family for this birthday.  We finally put it together and he was so excited.  He knew what it was as soon as we took it out of the box.  I have no idea how he knows what a wagon is!  After we finished he jumped in and said, "All Aboard!!"  Have I mentioned that I love that kid?

That's all the randomness going on here.  I'll be posting more paleo friendly recipes as well as some pictures of the big boy in his new bed later this week!!  Also stay tuned for the blog reveal!!

Creating crafts for some special people.  Check your mail for a special surprise coming soon.  Well...not too soon because they are all still sitting on the dining room table :)


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