Friday, June 7, 2013

Do You Have Old Glasses?

I am SO excited to share a special opportunity with you today!  Our church has been partnering with VISTA Missions to collect eyeglasses and sunglasses for underserved communities in Mexico and Latin America.

VISTA is a nonprofit, medical based Christian organization  that serves these countries by providing vision and dental services.  You can visit VISTA to read all about the places they've been recently and the services they've provided.

One of the gentlemen in our church has been partnering with and traveling with VISTA for a number of years.  A few weeks ago he shared some of his experiences and it was so encouraging to hear how the Lord was using this ministry to help families simply by providing them new eyewear.

My favorite story was one about a pair of glasses that had a very strange prescription.  I can't remember the specifics but each eye was different and it seemed almost pointless to donate them.  Sure enough they found someone with the EXACT prescription in Mexico and were able to provide that individual with a free pair of glasses.  Life changing!

If you have old glasses or sunglasses I would love to take them off your hands!  You can mail them to:

Journey Church
PO Box 7271
Tacoma, WA 98417

Please share this awesome and easy opportunity to serve with whomever you think might have glasses to donate!



alison said...

we have an older gentleman at our church who was an optometrist in our community. he used to do this exact same thing for locals who couldn't otherwise afford glasses. i always thought that was such an amazing thing that the rest of us take for granted!

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