Friday, June 7, 2013


This kid loves airplanes.  He gets especially excited when he sees one of "Daddy's planes" fly over the house.  I've caught him pretending to fly his plane like Daddy recently and I love it!

He also really likes tapirs.  Seriously.  What a quirky little animal to like.  When we go to the zoo he always looks for it and makes a whistling sound because he knows that is what a tapir sounds like.  

Sweet little buddy running after his Daddy in his Daddy's ultra-marathon last weekend.  At each aid station they had a bell to ring and the little man was running furiously after Daddy to help ring the bell.  I think this was around mile 36.

Yes you read that right.  And THIS was at mile 50.8.  My man is a crazy runner.  I'm not sure why he picked me since let's be honest, running is NOT my forte.  This guy?  He is seriously my hero.

Gorgeous sunset.  I was clearly created to live near water.  Praying already that we are near some kind of water when we move next!

Aren't we cute? I got dressed first!

Old friends coming in town make us happy.  1. It's the perfect excuse to go out to eat.  2. Old friends are awesome.  So glad we got to spend some quality time with this guy.  Praying next time all 10 of us can get together!!

We visited a new splash park in town (have I mentioned the AWESOME parks that Tacoma is just full of?).  This tiny man loved the fountain.  The Little Guy kept calling it a blow hole.  I think he is a little whale obsessed.

Yes little man.  Yes you are.

Sweet husband please take note.  Peonies are out in full force.  Please get me as many as you can until they aren't in season.  They are my favorite!

Sharing a snack at the beach today.  Going to the beach in 75 degree weather with no humidity is heaven on earth.  I am officially beach spoiled.

Not your typical beach view.  The PNW is SO beautifully different from Charleston.  I love the uniqueness of both places.

Little Guy spent most of the day today in that hole.  He had such a blast!

Happy Friday!!!
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Ariel Eishen said...

50.8 miles?!?!?! Holy moly, he's my hero too!!! Omg. I'm never going to complain about running 6 miles again! Holy running shoes, batman!!!!

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