Monday, June 17, 2013

Miscellany Monday--Growing Up

Linking up with my friend Carissa today!

It's been a big week for my Littlest Guy.  First of more nursing.  He stopped practically cold turkey.  And he doesn't seem to miss it at all.

It that wasn't hard the day after we were at the top of the stairs and instead of reaching for me like he usually does he turned around and proceeded to go down the entire flight of stairs all by himself.

Sniff sniff.

Then he got his first bloody nose AND said his first word.  

Wanna know what it is?


It's pretty cute.  If I asked him if he is ready to eat he will nod his head and say "yeah".  

I kind love it.

I love this too.  Green smoothies.  This one was frozen peaches, fresh kale, a banana, some coconut milk, water, ice cubes a few green grapes and  bit of honey.  Yummy!!

Speaking of yummy I decided to finally try the whole "cauliflower is rice" thing and make "Faux Fried Rice".  It was a hit in our house.  All four of us enjoyed it and this kid is begging for more!

"I'm in a neck, Mama," he told me.  I think he meant a in fishing net.  Maybe there are some "bungle bees" in that net too!

Apparently this kid was so worn out after church Sunday that he decided sleeping at the table was a good option.  It was actually pretty hilarious.  He would fall asleep and then wake up and cry a tiny bit and eat a bite or two and do the whole thing over and over.  He wailed when we took upstairs to bed insisting that he needed more sandwich and more milk.  It was hilarious!

I'm feeling a little nostalgic this week especially since the baby stopped nursing.  They are growing up way too fast!  It makes me want to slow down even more and just enjoy them.  I've said it before but although I love blogging and definitely enjoy recording our lives for our family and for myself, I'm enjoying making the memories right now.  The recording can come later.  If you are just dying to know what we are up to you can find us on Instagram!

Happy Monday!


Sarah Benson said...

Aw, no more nursing...I'm not looking forward to that day at all! I'm in the stage where I already want my baby to stop growing up so fast!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

your boys are getting too big. i rejoiced when i quit pumping when sage turned 1. : )

i must put grapes in smoothies. never tried this! i also need a new blender. mine is 10 years old and was only $15... it's a miracle i can get anything smooth! ; )

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