Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIWW--The "I Need To Get Dressed More Often" Version

The mirror has a new home and I think it's staying there for a while.  I should start naming these posts "Where The Mirror Is Wednesday" since that seems to be my secondary focus.

Anyway...on to the good stuff.

I am enjoying things that fit that haven't fit for a long time!  This black shirt is one of them.  It's hard to see the details since my phone is blocking them all (I didn't notice this until now) but it has awesome ruffles!  Been waiting to wear this one for a couple of years!

Pants-TJ Maxx
Shoes--let's talk about these shoes

I'm pretty sure these shoes were a Marshall's or TJ Maxx find last year.  I wish I had purchased every single pair in my size.  I wear them all the time.  All the time.  And I'm going to be mad when the finally fall apart.  Recently I found a pair on ebay and I waited too long and now they are gone. I'm kicking myself about it!!  So...

Shoes--R2 by Report (cheap but awesome!!)

Recently I hosted a clothing swap with some of my girlfriends.  We all brought clothes that were very gently used ie in great shape.  We ate lots of good food and all went home with something new.  This dress is something I would never have tried on at the store.  I generally follow the following rules...

1. no prints
2. no capped sleeves

This has both.

But I THINK it works!  

Dress-Ralph Lauren
Shoes-Nine West

By my post you might think I only got dressed twice this week and you might be right.  Here's to less yoga pants and more skinny jeans next week.  Shorts rather.  Because I think summer is FINALLY going to arrive here in Tacoma!


Sara said...

alison said...

I love the pants! that's currently one of my favorite colors :) i'm going to have to find a tj maxx somewhere around is pretty limited in my hometown unless I want to drive 30 minutes and fight beach tourist traffic (which makes the 30 minute drive into a 30 hour drive!)

Lauren- SAHM I am said...

That dress looks amazing on you! I love clothes swaps, I am currently waiting to hear back about my friend's one.

Lisa said...

That dress is really cute. All my friends are like a size 4, so yeah. No clothing swaps, haha.

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Girl! That dress was MADE for you! You look awesome!

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