Friday, June 21, 2013

LIttle Guy Loving Life

In six short weeks we'll have a 3 year old.  It's hard to believe.  I really try to enjoy each day with this Little Guy (although the terrible twos/threes sometimes make it challenging).  I know that I'm going to blink and he's going to be going off to school.  We fill our days with vehicles, animals and adventures.

This kid is hilarious.  He's a tad smart for his own good and because of that he gets into trouble.  Here are some of my favorite Stafford moments and isms from the last few months.

I love the joy on his face in this photo.  He loves "underdog" and asks to go to the playground quite a bit.  Thankfully it's one block away so we spend a lot of afternoons there.

Everytime he climbs up into my arms he hugs me and says, "I love you sooooo much!"

I will NEVER turn down an offer to hold hands with this cute little man.


I told Stafford we needed to look for a missing piece of the train track. He said maybe a Mouseketool could help.

I enjoy the conversations that he has with himself.  He often says what he wants us to say.

S-we could watch Thomas. We could ALL watch Thomas. We could use the remote and watch Thomas on the tb. We could watch a mobie. We could ALL watch a mobie 

Pause. Answering himself. 

S-Ok. We can watch Thomas.

Poor guy.  We switched to 3T clothes a while back and while he was playing at the Y his pants came right off!


I caught Stafford going potty standing up today. I was surprised and said..."Are you going potty standing up? You are doing such a great job!"

"Yeah" he replied with a huge grin on his face, clearly very proud. "Congratulations!!"

(he was congratulating himself)

This picture was taken at our annual JR Daffodil parade.  We ran to get me a flower.  He talks about parades all the time now and refers to seeing a tuba.  


I started the Insanity workout recently and as I'm flailing around trying to finish I hear Stafford call out...

Look at you go, Mama!!

Stafford really likes girls.  He is often more excited to see his friend's Mommys than his friends.  He will tell me that certain people are cute.  Recently I was talking to my friend Erin on the phone and he got this funny look on his face and said, "Is that Erin?  Erin is so cute!!"

Peter just asked Stafford to come help him in the kitchen. His response...

It sounds like someone's in trouble!! Thanks for calling me!!

Every time the sun is out Stafford tells me his eyes are hot. He also told me he needed an umbrella today because his hair was blowing in the wind.

One of Stafford's favorite Christmas presents was a Leapfrog school bus. One morning he got into bed with me and peeked out the window. "Look Mama!! A rockin' school bus!!!"

He refers often to Bigbees (the city bus), school buses, logging trucks, front loaders....the list goes on and on.  


Stafford keeps asking to watch "Veggie Tales" but he pronounces "Veggie" like the island of Fiji....Viji Tales

Stafford just yelled out the front door at Peter who was mowing the lawn..."Good racing Daddy! Good racing the lawnmower!!"


Are you made of sugar Stafford?

Stafford giggles. 

I made of breakfast and lunch!


Let's hit the road Jack!

Where's Jack? 


A few months ago Stafford helped us put together a shelf.  Stafford kept saying "we will all work together" "Mama do you want to work together with me?" "We need this piece Daddy."  He is definitely into teamwork!!

Stafford just got out of bed and yelled at the top of the stairs, "Mama!! Do you hear a dangerous robot?!?!"

This guy has gotten really good at recognizing airplanes.  He knows Daddy's plane by sight and I think by sound!  He gets so excited whenever he sees one flying overhead.

He is always up for an adventure...

I want to go on an adventure. What are we waiting for Mama?!?

Bought the boys shoes for the summer and S is wearing his tonight. He put them on and then said...I look great!!


Stafford's favorite show is Go Diego! Go!  It's a really cute show and he has learned quite a bit about animals.  His favorite animal to see at the zoo is the Tapir.  He makes "whistling" noises when he sees it.  


Recently we were on a walk and he told me his favorite snack was "baaboo."  I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until he told me he likes to eat his favorite snack with pandas.

Overheard at the aquarium. 

That's the biggest shark!! Hi biggest shark! I'm Stafford!! Wait, come back biggest shark! Oh no, he's gone!

S as we sat down to dinner..

Stafford-Stop we need to pray. 

Peter- Ok, do you want to pray?

Stafford- Yes. (Holds hands out for us to grab.) Thank you God for juice. Thank you God for apples and peanut butter. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Peter-thank you buddy

Stafford- You're welcome. Anytime.

This wastepaper basket is quite popular at our house.  While wearing it Stafford told me, "Look Mama, I'm stuck in a neck."  He also informs me quite often that he hurts his "fronthead" and we've been seeing a lot of "bungle bees" in the "rhorhodenden" outside of our house.  In addition he put his milk in the "refridgidgidger."


The other day he was hurt and he looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry Mama.  I didn't mean to hit me."

We pray for a different country each day and I love listening to this little guy lift up other nations.  The other day he came down for breakfast and he grabbed the book and said "who are we praying for today?"


Also thanking God recently for....his lawnmower.

Recently we traded in all of his pacis for a bike.  It's adorable and so far the transition has been pretty easy.  I'm so proud of him!


Overheard while I was making dinner...."Come on boys!!  Let's play ball!!"

This week was the "best week ever".  He got to drive the city bus and a fire truck in our neighborhood.  Transportation is definitely huge at our house!

This kid brings so much joy and happiness to our lives.  He is clever and funny.  He is a cuddler and I love his sweet little dimples.  I love watching his personality develop and can't wait to see what the next few months can bring.  I know it will be hilarious!


Jodi said...

This is a lovely post! I love the pictures and I feel the same about my two boys! So fun!

Courtney B :) said...

I love the innocent way children talk. I could listen to them all day. Time goes way too fast. My little one will be 2 in August and it just seems unreal.

Im a new follower. I would love for you to come visit me at

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