Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

The winner has been posted up on the original page but I wanted to post here just in case!

Congratulations to #78 Kristen!!

I'll be emailing you and sending your info to all of my sweet sponsors!!

I'm still putting together the next giveaway.  Somehow life keeps happening.  It's good though.  Recently someone commented here on my blog and I think it was the most meaningful comment I've ever received.  Bloggers love comments and they seem to have gone by the wayside since lots of people started reading blogs through mobile devices.  So when someone takes the time to comment on your page it is really special.  Anyway the gist of the comment was that even though I've expressed a frustration at not really having any "material" to blog about lately the reader thought that by looking at my pictures and seeing what we've been up to that I certainly wasn't short on life experiences and living life with my family.  It was a good reminder that even though sharing here is fun and sometimes even therapeutic, the good stuff it what is happening away from the computer screen!

So....the next giveaway will be up eventually.  Meanwhile we are going to be taking walks, having girls night, changing diapers and enjoying family.  I hope you do too!!


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