Monday, June 10, 2013

Miscellany Monday....the Babysitter Edition

Linking up with Carissa today!

I am so excited about today!!  I'm finally getting a morning to myself so as you are reading this I'm doing a little kickboxing and then a little life planning at our local Starbucks.  Can you hear my "ahhhh" of relief?  The only thing better would be a date night with Pete or a massage.


Sometimes I feel like I need to apologize for talking about food all the time. lack of control with food and ultimately my weight.  I feel like I talk about it all the ding dang time.  But I just can't help it.  If you are one of those people who really hasn't even struggled with weight I envy you.  It's seriously an everyday battle.  I have a dear friend who is helping to keep me accountable and I know at times we just want to reach through the phone and say "don't eat that".  But most of the times we are just totally understanding what the other is going through.  It is literally SAVING me this time around with weight loss.  Knowing that someone else out there knows what it like to dread getting dressed take everything off, even your pony tail holder before you weigh WANT to resist something and not be able to do it.  I know a lot of this is an issue of the heart...clearly I need more self control.  But it makes it so much more bearable to press on when I know I have someone cheering me on who understands!  My friend...I love you!!

So..speaking of food since we are already talking about it.  It was a super unsuccessful food week at our house.  I blame it all on our insane fridge.  We woke up Tuesday morning and the fridge was warm and smelled like burnt plastic.  Apparently the light bulbs inside hadn't been turning off when it was closed for who knows how long.  It got so stinking hot in there that the plastic cover melted and there were burn marks on the top of the fridge.  So...we threw out what needed to go and thankfully (PRAISE THE LORD) it was under warranty.  They can't fix it until next Friday but I can deal with a dark fridge.  Needless to say the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fast food did nothing for my weight loss progress this week.  On to a new week!


Things I don't understand....
--the love of the crockpot.  I think it's a "crock"...ha ha!
--green bean casserole
--the whole "Target is the best store on earth" trend
--how men's minds work
--why chocolate can't have negative calories because I hate celery.


Random fact I learned this week....

The camel's hump is NOT filled with water.  It is all fat.  A camel stores it's water in it's bloodstream just like people.  World rocked.

I'm afraid to change out my kid's clothes to their summer clothes because I think it will start being 50 degrees outside again.

Did you see my post about VISTA Missions?  Please read it and send me your old glasses!!

Also I still have an awesome giveaway running here and another one coming up this week!

Happy Monday!

Who needs stroller when you have shoulders?  


Julie said...

When you figure out men's minds, let me know. Cause you'd win a Nobel Prize I think for that - lord knows I'd give you one. Sometimes I wish I could read my husband's mind, then other times I figure no because I probably don't want to know what he's really thinking!

And as for Target...sometimes I feel the same way. People post all the time about how wonderful it is, and while it can be, sometimes its just blah...

alison said...

WHAT??? no water in the hump? wow. it's like my entire childhood was a lie! i wonder what else i believed.... and for folks like me, target IS the greatest place on earth. but that's because all i have otherwise is walmart and winn-dixie. in comparison, target is top-of-the-line. (and fortunately, target is an hour away from my house because i'd be broke and most likely divorced if it was within daily-attendance range!). also, YAY for baby sitters! i have one coming tonight so that i can escape for some sushi with a dear friend :)

Amanda Thomasson said...

brian told me yesterday that one of the guys at the men's retreat this weekend said there should be a Rosetta Stone for women, so men could understand our "language". my response? there's a Rosetta Stone for men and it is set on repeat. ha. I thought it was funny. ;) and you know if I had a limitless gift card somewhere, I would want it to be to Target.

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