Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIWW--Orange & Green

So I've been absent from the WIWW scene for a variety of reasons. Stomach bug, rain (hello sweatpants), working out more (good for my body, bad for my blog), visits from the parents. Life is just busy. But I have managed the get dressed a handful of times!

Green pants-Michael Kors from TJ Maxx
Orange Shirt-LOFT

Shirt-Banana Republic (yay..something not from the LOFT
Jacket-LOFT (here we go again)

Hair-curtesy of my hot rollers
Skirt-Marshall's (it's green seersucker if you can't tell!! LOVE!!)
Shoes-Nine West
Mostly I was just loving the coordinating jewelry below. 
Earrings by Wifeysinger (she's having a SALE June 21st!!)
Sweater &Top-LOFT
Also I'm just loving orange and green together!!! 

Boots-Ralph Lauren

Last but not new favorite dress

Dress-Target by Converse (dark chambray + pockets = fabulous)
Necklace- Zulily
Shoes-Nine West

I still haven't figured out a good spot in our house to put the mirror. Maybe I need to teach my toddler how to take pictures of me. Also I am still not buying anything new because of my shopping ban. Still have 9 pounds to go to be able to purchase. I thought it would be great motivation but I've just bought jewelry instead. Sigh. I need a weight loss fairy!

What new trend or color combination are you wearing?


alison said...

i am seriously in love with that loft jacket in the top picture! super cute :) i also am a fan of the orange and green color combo, but never wear it because here in florida that will make people think i'm a Miami hurricanes fan. as a proud member of the gator nation, that is just pure blasphemy! ;)

Chamel Evans said...

Love the outfits Laura! Great inspiration!

Rachel said...

I love your green jeans! I used to have a similar pair. Sadly, they mysteriously disappeared!

Lauren- SAHM I am said...

I really like the orange and green together! I am loving the leather and monochrome trends right now.

Mary Hill said...

Hi, those were nice outfits. I know what you mean about losing weight. I have a very very long way to go. I want to lose 80 to 90 pounds. Need a lot of motivation too. I am pulling for you. Compared to me though you look great. ;)

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