Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Empty Planner

Sometimes I don't set goals for myself because I'm afraid I can't keep them.  I have a planner and it's empty.  It stresses me out to write things down because something might change.

Well today something is going to change.

I'm going to fill out my planner with some goals.  I have a few lists floating around here and there.  Books I want to read.  Things I want to do.  But nothing concrete.

Sometimes here in this space...MY space....I'm afraid to be honest.  I'm afraid to admit my shortcomings because I don't want people to think less of me.  I'm afraid to write them down because I don't want to think less of me.  I imagine someone sitting there reading my blog and thinking...

she's been saying she was going to lose weight for a year now
she posted that list of books and she hasn't read any of them
she always says she is going to post a recipe or this or that and never follows through

I know that I'm giving myself a little too much credit.  Most people out there, even those that love me dearly, have way too much on their plate than to wonder why I'm not following through with a recipe post or a weight loss plan.  But I know it.  And it drive me crazy.

So.  I'm committing today.

To  eating healthier.

To exercising more often.

To spending more and consistent time in the word.

To making some goals.

To accomplishing some goals.

I've come a long way in a year and I don't discount that.  I'm proud of it.  But it's time to finish what I started!

Do you have goals?  What helps you set them and keep them?  How do you stay motivated to finish a long term goal?

A few days after having the Reedster

Down 45 pounds.  15 to go!!


beautybabbling said...

I'm the same way about goals. I tend to avoid them so I don't disappoint myself, and I certainly don't tell anyone else about them. My life is going to slow down enough after next week that I hope to start laying out some goals for myself that I can actually get a good start on before life gets hectic again.

Good luck to you on your goals!

Debsdailylife said...

I used to do the same thing!! I finally started writig down a few things that I KNEW I would get done!! Then I would have a few things I could cross off the list!!

And you look very nice!! Weight loss is so hard!!

Beth Branstetter said...

I'm actually the exact opposite...I love my planner and I love goals. But I'm so excited for you as you put yourself out there!! That's so encouraging!:) You look absolutely fantastic, too!

Amanda Thomasson said...

you know i'm a broken record. :)
i'm proud of you-- I think this year's journey has been about so much more than weight loss and I think it's awesome! love ya!

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